A busy month!

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April was a busy month kicking off our advertising campaign.

Up to this point, Christian Lewis Performance and Classic Cars has very much relied on word of mouth to spread the company’s name, as well as our reputation and expertise in engineering. And we must credit our loyal customers, they’ve done us proud over these early years in spreading the companies good name.

It’s true that our company has expanded at least 5 fold from the day I first signed on the dotted line to take 7a Scotia Close. With our now swollen service, restoration an sales comes the elephant in the room, our capability is getting close to being maxed for the size of shop in which we reside.

This has lead to our acquisition of the new Bedfordshire base. Our new unit will allows us to run at a significantly higher capacity as well as house a huge showroom. So to help us spread the word I have taken on a social media and marketing guy part time to spread the Christian Lewis name.

Our media guy set up the first venture for us (our first in a longtime) and so far it seems to be working, our social media outlets on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are steadily rising, our website is now being used more than ever and enquires are also up. So far so good.

Onto the event in question:

The Top Secret Supercar Driver (https://www.supercar-driver.com/) event we attended has caused quite the buzz in the car world. Several publications have ran the story such as The Daily Mail, The Sun, Daily Express, Drivetribe and Car Throttle to mention a few. We only took the opportunity to take one of our cars, yet the online magazine Car throttle carried out a full walk around of our car on Snap Chat. That video went out to a potential 250 million people (which was a result) Our 722S was even mentioned on the McLaren MSO teams Instagram page as their personal favourite of the whole meet, name dropping us in their statement. One of the MSO engineers even approached us to let us know he installed all the dash in that very car (he was buzzing to see her again).

Anyway as I say, considering the car only had a Christian Lewis number plate on it seemed to generate interest from numerous people on the day as well as being part of the teaser piece below.


Here are a few pictures of the day: