Aston Martin 5.3L V8 Volante Restoration

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Having now had his car approaching the half a year mark, Mr Levison has returned to see how things have been going.

SInce our last update being extremely popular on social media, we have been inundated with enquiries and requests for restorations of all kinds.

We have been lucky to have assembled a restoration team that could rival any establishment. This we put down to Christian and Ed and the devotion they show to the members of our team. With these men at the helm it hasn’t been too much of a struggle to get together a truly fanatical group of guys that just love their jobs with true passion. Unfortunately though, there is only so much you can achieve in the spaces available to us all (hence the new building being purchased and developed as we speak).

So, back to the car……

As you can probably see from his expressions in the pictures on the day he is rather pleased with what he’s found.

First order of the day was to inspect the engine… has (to this point) been playing “head games” with poor Michael…..but following a word to our parts supplier, we have managed to locate the valve shims of the correct depth to reassemble the heads. Clearance of 1000th of an inch counts at 7000RPM and 180+ mph. I’m told if it’s wrong the pistons could vacate the liners and do a little dance on the bonnet before your car grinds to a holt and you call us in a very bad mood. Luckily we have Michael to ensure the quality is as good as when he first built this engine.

Ok now to the body….

Paul and his team have had to hand beat a couple of the panels on the car to ensure the lines are better than new (and the results are speaking volumes of their gentle and loving touch).

However the evidence is not at our shop currently, so off we go for a short drive.

Thus far we have a satisfied customer, and to show him the progression of the work we take him to see our contact at Lone Pine (,  our chosen (out of house) spray shop. We trust these guys with any Aston Martin Restoration or any restoration that is older than 25 years. To achieve the standard of finish required you have to arc back to the years when car spraying was a craft and not a job carried out by a robot. As testament to Lone Pine Aston Martins have used them for their restorations of older cars, until the recent renovations at the factory allowed them to have bays in house. Anyway I digress, once again Mr Levison and Andy (his right hand man) are both incredibly happy with the base coats. Lone Pine can now continue and get the final coats completed.


Anyway there you have it. So far we’re bang on target for completion. Tune in again soon viewers