The Road to Pebble Beach Concours

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Recently I’ve been wandering around the workshop and have felt an unease. It’s felt like something’s been staring at me, peering though curtains, twitching the blinds when you walk by, standing under the stairs waiting for the opportunity to jump out……..BOOOOO!!!! Well panic no more readers of the blog, as I (INTERNET GUY) have cracked the case.

This past year we’ve been hoarding an EXTREMELY RARE one-off Aston Martin DB4 series 5 Vantage Convertible RHD (her for short). We’ve kept her in darkened corners of our workshop, attempting to keep her away from prying eyes. We’ve also had to keep close tabs on our restoration team too. Currently several of the members have been beaten back with bamboo canes. I’m told this was mainly down to restless restoration syndrome. Sounds awful to me, apparently it makes you frustrated, gives you cold sweats at night and brings you out in a rash if you see a car requiring an overhaul.

Well FINALLY having owned her for 392 moons, countless disagreements and a thoroughly good brainstorm over a very agreeable (Christmas) lunch, it would seem our chief along with other decision makers have struck common ground!

So here’s the run down:

As we’ve only just started the process we still have to finalise the finer details, however I can announce I’ll be running a full pictorial blog continuing up until the launch date and location events (which all being well) will be announced in VANTAGE magazine in the coming months.

So as for the car herself we’ve decided that given the rarity of this model she is more than deserving of a full and arduous Preservation rebuild. The condition of the running gear is excellent, given this beauty is older than all bar 2 of our team. Although she is in need of some loving care and elbow grease to ensure she runs as good as she’ll look.

As we are carrying out a full strip down of the car, we’ve started bagging, tagging and cataloguing, everything. As this car has had some light restoration done within the last decade not everything needs to be replaced. After much negotiation we’ve managed to open an account with Aston Martin’s parts supplier which will mean we can get new old stock to replace like for like. Absolutely everything (warn or looking tied) will be replaced to ensure safety.

The car has spent all of her life on the far side of the planet in New Zealand and Australia, where over the years she’s been loved and cared for by only 3 other keepers. In 1980 she received a respray to Mailbox Red, this will be corrected back to the glorious Caribbean Pearl she first left Newport Pagnell in.

These days preserved cars keeping the original patina and features have started to draw the attention that the fully restored cars used to get. The more originality the better, it’s the patina that grabs a real collectors attention. An awful lot of restorations nowadays are carried out using chassis numbers and matching engines, when in reality that lovingly “restored” DB5 is now a completely new re-bodied replica of the car you dropped of.

Anyway, enough for today, I’ll be in the workshop Monday and will get post No2 written up asap so we can keep you in the loop to see how our preservation is going.

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