We’re getting too busy!!

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So here’s the problem. With our restoration and servicing teams getting busier, things are on the up and up, which is great. However it is causing us some growing pains. Basically we need some new digs. So Christian’s been spending a lot of time trawling the net and seeing a lot of properties…watch this space, he may have found a winner this week.

The reason we’re so busy is this, our clients are so pleased with our our lack of snobbery and fussy service (which lets be honest, has been somewhat of a stigma in this industry), they’ve seemingly been telling their friends about us, who evidently have told their friends……(you get the picture) so now they’re all coming to see us and our new approach to the industry we know and love. Must be popular as we now have quite the client base.

Anyway all this business is causing us some what of an issue….with the team currently at the limit of what is capable we’re in need of a couple of new recruits as well as our new home.

Our aim is to find ourselves the following personnel:

Restoration: Our restoration team needs bolstering by an individual who has a passion for the nuts and bolts of a classic or modern car. We ask that the candidate has experience of a minimum of 10 years and is well versed in Aston Martin, Ferrari along with other prominent marques.

Service: Our team is stretched to the limit at this time and before they start meeting themselves coming back the other way we want to strengthen our merry men. We are seeking an enthusiastic Aston Martin, Ferrari or Porsche technician with a minimum of 5 years experience.

If you know of anyone or are one of these very people please contact us on the information below.