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If you’re looking to purchase a classic or modern supercar look no further. Any car in our stock goes through Christians 111 point check to ensure any issues are our problem. Anything discovered will be dealt with pre-sale ensuring your acquisition is as satisfying as you wanted it to be. If we don’t have anything you’re interested in please feel free to email the team, we’re more than happy to help your search for your dream car.


As an Aston Martin Works Technician of ten years and Independent Workshop Manager for a further seven, Christian Lewis’ experience of servicing, upgrading and bespoke fitting is second to none. Now leading his own team of mechanics, we have the expertise to service a whole host of cars. Our facility boasts the latest in specialist tooling, as well as the factory diagnostic tools.


The team we have assembled over the years is second to none for classic restoration. Our group of technicians have accrued over a century of experience and have all spent time working at Aston Martin Production or Ferrari UK during there handcrafted eras. The work we offer can be anything from a light tidy up, a sympathetic preservation to ensure the cars patina remains as is, all the way to a full 0 miles rebuild. Our engine shop also do full rebuilds and maintenance on aging Astons, Porsche or Ferrari.

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What we’ve been up to

The Grand Opening

Our opening day is now two days behind us as I sit here trying to write this, I’m still buzzing off the excitement of the day, still feeling humbled, still feeling insanely proud of how far we’ve come over the past 4 years. If you’ve missed it, let me explain. Over the weekend my team […]

A busy month!

April was a busy month kicking off our advertising campaign. Up to this point, Christian Lewis Performance and Classic Cars has very much relied on word of mouth to spread the company’s name, as well as our reputation and expertise in engineering. And we must credit our loyal customers, they’ve done us proud over these […]

The Road to Pebble Beach Concours

Recently I’ve been wandering around the workshop and have felt an unease. It’s felt like something’s been staring at me, peering though curtains, twitching the blinds when you walk by, standing under the stairs waiting for the opportunity to jump out……..BOOOOO!!!! Well panic no more readers of the blog, as I (INTERNET GUY) have cracked […]

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What Our Customers Say

“I have no doubt about it, when it comes to Aston Martins and Ferrari’s Ed Blasi and Christian Lewis really are the best in the business”

James May

“When i drop my cars off at Christian Lewis, I do so in complete comfort they will be looked after with the utmost care”

Perry Simpson

“Christian’s care, passion and technical knowledge for Aston Martins is truly unmatched – I would happily recommend him”

Adam Wilcox

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